The New Media Art and Video Festival TRANSITIO_MX is one of the most important stages for expression and analysis of contemporary artistic practices by technology and digital culture in Mexico. The event's main objective is to support, recognize and disseminate current research and production around artistic media technology, through an exposition, a contest, a symposium and workshops, the first edition was held in 2005, since then every festival has had a specific theme, in 2013 the festival will address the issue of Biomediaciones.

The National Council of Culture and Arts (CONACULTA), through the Media Center of National Center for Culture and Arts (CENART), opens call for the following awards:


Open to all artists over 18 years, Mexicans and foreigners, groups and active associations in the technological and digital media artistic production and hybrid productions generated by the intersection between art, science, technology and humanities.

• First prize valued at $120,000.00 (One hundred and twenty-thousand pesos 00/100).
• Second prize valued at $80,000.00 (Eighty thousand pesos 00/100).
• Third prize valued at $60,000.00 (Sixty thousand pesos 00/100).
• The honorable mentions the jury considers pertinent.


Target young mexicans residing in Mexico or abroad, between 18 and 25 years of age on the closing date of this announcement.

• Prize valued at $40,000.00 (Forty-thousand pesos 00/100).
• Honorable mentions the jury considers pertinent.

The awards ceremony will take place within the New Media Art and Video Festival TRANSITIO_MX 05, to be celebrated through September 20 to 29, 2013.


1. Mexican and international artists, over 18 years, will be allowed to participate as well as associations and groups within the electronic and digital media artistic production active community, also hybrid productions generated in the crossroads between art, science, humanities to hypothesize and explore experimental processes of any kind, such as: interactive, audio, video, generative, biological, molecular electronics, narrative, luminous, kinetic, spatial, public, performative, programmatic, economic, alternative, documentary, analytical, conceptual, relational, political, critical, open.

2. Applicants for the TRANSITIO_MX Prize for Young Mexican Artists must be Mexican citizens, either based in Mexico or abroad, between 18 and 25 years old at the deadline date of the present competition call.

3. Entrants will be allowed to compete for one prize only.

4. It is possible to present only one artwork per artist or artist group. In case a member of a group also presents works as an individual, both entries will be annulled automatically.

5. Registered artworks must have been concluded between 2011-2013 and be fully running and available for exhibition by the deadline date of the present competition call.

6. Artworks must fulfill the following requirements:
a) Be related with the electronic arts, either in a conceptual or technical manner.
b) Must have interdisciplinary and/or experimental characteristics.

7. The festival theme is not a criteria for participation in this call.

8. The official languages for the competition will be Spanish and English. If works are in other languages, they must be subtitled or dubbed in either of the mentioned languages above.

9. Works must be registered by their author. In case a work has been made by an artist group, then, for liability issues, a group member must be assigned as the representative.

10. If the art work is presented by an organization formally constituted as a Civil Society, it must be provided with the Clave Única de Registro (CLUNI), according with the establishments of the Ley Federal de Fomento a las Actividades Realizadas por Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil. This applies only for organizations constituted in Mexico.

11. No documents will be accepted if sent by fax or other sort of electronic device, that involves downloading files.

12. Artworks by authors who belong to the Selection Committee are not elegible to participate. The public servants that have direct or indirect affairs concerning the established terms of the 8th Article, fractions X, XIV and XXII from the Ley de Responsabilidades Administrativas de los Servidores Públicos (Mexican applicants), or from any other legislation relevant in range, Judges or their relatives or relationships in first or second grade, are also restricted from participating.

13. High or medium ranks from the Administrative Units will not be able to participate, nor entities and organisms coordinated by the National Council of Culture and Arts.

14. The submission process will only be valid if all guidelines and procedures for submission are fulfilled.

15. Applications that include altered or false documentation will be annulled. The responsible party will not be allowed to participate in any competition call from the National Council of Culture and Arts.

16. By sending the Submission Form signed, the entrants undertake their conformity with conditions of entry and guidelines of this competition call.


1. Submission should be applied online through the website: http://transitiomx.net and will be composed by the following stages:
a) Register and carefully read the general conditions of entry and all the information about documentation requested according to the application.
b) Fill in the Submission Form.
c) Upload the following files to the system: official identification of author or representative or legal guardian IFE (Mexican applicants) or passport (Mexican and foreign applicants) PDF Detailed description of the work (see Annex) PDF

Links to Internet sites like Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc... Please, add the adecuate material to facilitate a proper assessment of the work presented. Audiovisual materials should have a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes.

d) To complete the registration process should be accepted under the rules of participation and guidelines of this call, right there will end the registration process and the system will automatically generate a PDF file format inscription should keep as proof.

e) The registration shall be valid only up to meet all the requirements.

f) The Media Center will review the proposals received to verify if the information and documentation requested are complete, then the responsible for the entry will receive a confirmation email.

2. Applications will be received at the Media Center from the present competition call announcement until July 5, 2013 at 17:00 hrs. (Mexico's Time)


1. A pre-selection Committee, comprised by well-known specialists, who will review all the submitted works and decide its continuation to the second and final stage, will evaluate works.

2. The authors and legal representatives of the preselected artworks grant authorization to the National Center for Culture and Arts to exhibit the works, whenever conditions permit, within de dates of the festival, and permission to use the audio-visual material for the promotion of the event according to the Ley Federal de Derechos de Autor. The author will still hold the rights of the work.

3. Entrants unbind organizing institutions from any controversy regarding property rights the works may imply.

4. Preselected works will be published on national newspapers and the festival website: http://transitiomx05.conaculta.gob.mx , on August 11, 2013.

5. Applications that do not cover all the requisites established in the present call will not be submitted to review and analysis of the pre-selection committee.

6. An international jury will decide the winners and contestants with honorable mentions.

7. Awards and honorable mentions will be pressented under the New Media Art and Video Festival TRANSITIO_MX 05.

8. In case a prize is declared deserted the National Center for Culture and Arts reserves the right to use the funding and assign it to other Media Center programs.

9. Resolutions taken by the pre-selection committee and jury will be considered as definite.

10. Documentation of the artworks will be part of the Media Center projects database.

11. The Planning and Evaluation Council of the New Media Art and Video Festival will solve circumstances not covered in this call.


For more information about the general conditions of entry and the submission form please visit the festival website http://transitiomx05.conaculta.gob.mx or the Centro Multimedia website http://cmm.cenart.gob.mx

The online registration system will be available from the publication of this announcement and until July 5, 2013 at 17:00 hrs. (Mexico's Time)

For more information and applications delivery please visit us at:
National Center for Culture and Arts
Media Arts
Río Churubusco Av. 79, Col. Country Club,
P.C. 04220, Coyoacan, México D.F.

Please contact:
Ana Villa
Phone number: (+52+55) 4155 0000, ext. 1207
E-mail: concursotransitio@conaculta.gob.mx
Opening hours: 10:00 to 15:00 hrs.